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Start-up business immigration comes within the class that includes designated entity, settlement funds, and language proficiency with at least $200,000.
If you are an entrepreneur who started any business venture in Canada can easily apply for a Start-up visa with a PR permit designed under the Canadian government.

5-9 business days after receipt of the application at the Consulate after undertaking the application, followed by requirements and eligibility.

Entire Immigration - Entrepreneur Investor

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Why and How To Apply For Entrepreneur Investor Visa?

Canada ensures a plethora of business and trading opportunities; thus, you can apply for an Entrepreneur Investor visa. This is great for foreigners to explore business establishments in Canada. You can apply according to your ability to establish an investment plan for business in Canada.

People with business/managerial experience with reliable net worth can apply for Canadian PR under the Canada Business Immigration Program within sub-categories like;

• Investors

• Entrepreneurs

• Self Employed Persons

• PNP Business Programs

• Corporate Immigration