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Spousal sponsoring in Canada takes about 12 months, which is almost a year on average. However, depending on the nature of the case under which you have applied for it, it may take longer.
Applicant or sponsor must be 18 years or above.
Yes, of course, no income requirement is asked or needed to sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent child. You just only need to have enough money to meet income requirements.

Spousal Sponsorship

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Where and How to Apply for a Spousal Sponsorship?

Give yourself an advance and prompt reach to Canada with Entire Immigration. Take to us for Spousal Sponsorship and visa processing. Spousal sponsoring is done if the visa officer is not satisfied with the appeal, as was purposely done for acquiring permanent residence in Canada.

However, Spousal Sponsorship and visa come under a few points;

  • Common Law Partner.
  • Conjugal Partner.
  • Dependent Children.
  • Same-Sex Partnership.