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The fee for a work permit depends on its classification, procedures and type. On gene

The maximum validity for a Canadian work permit is four years which can be extended under the required category or type of employment.
Canadian work permit is designed for business people, permanent workers, temporary workers, students etc., to work in Canada. One must have a job in hand if applying for a work permit visa.

Work Permit

Most people dream of working abroad, and the Canadian Work Permit is only meant for candidates who are PRs and citizens. However, candidates can still have a Canadian work permit without a permit under limited circumstances. We offer the possible way to promising consultancy for visa processing and immigration.

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Why and How To Apply For Work Permit?

Work permits in Canada are temporary and can be extended within time and norms. You are only eligible to apply for a work permit if you are not a Canadian Permanent Resident or citizen. Applicants’ work permission is followed by specific categories and provisions for foreign citizens seeking to work in Canada. The classification falls within particular criteria and procedures as follows;
  • Work in Canada subject to a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or ESDC Confirmation.
  • Transnational covenants similar to the North American Free Trade Agreement( NAFTA), the Canada- Chile Free Trade Agreement( CCFTA), or the General Agreement on Trade in Services( GATS).
  • Conditions in which there’s evidence of Canadian Interests or Significant Advantage to Canada, including intra-company transfers, conjugal programs or other circumstances in which Canada has a social, artistic, or profitable benefit.
  • Youth Program visas similar to the Pupil Work Down Program, Student Work Holiday Program, and others conducted through associations similar to BUNAC, exchange, and IEC.