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Basically, the date marked on the permit else it lasts for about 90 days after the day you complete your studies.
No, there is a difference, as a student visa is a legal authorization to enter a specific country. It’s conditional authorization with denied possibility. However, a study permit allows you to have the authority to stay and study in the country.
After you receive the letter of acceptance from a Canadian university or college, things go seamless. It is hard as almost 30% of students’ application for a study permit is refused.

Study Permit

Are you thinking of advanced academics in Canada? Then we must tell you are on the right consultant company. We are Entire Immigration, helping students with overseas Study Permits or study visas in desired destinations students want. We offer possible credentials and advice to candidates looking for easy immigration to Canada seamlessly.

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At Entire Immigration, the accessibility for students to get quick Study Permit guidance and application option. We assured our team to give aspirants professional practice on study visa permits. Candidates can contact us to know more about eligibility for a student visa to have academics in Canada.

Why and How To Apply for Study Permit?

Pursuing academics overseas is a dream for many scholars, possible with Entire Immigration. Get admission to one of the most popular education hubs known worldwide, Canada, with recognized education systems.

You can apply for a Study Permit to attain desired academic goals within permanent immigration options etc. Talk to us and check for the certain norms and eligibility you need for a study permit or study visa in Canada. Now applying and pursuing academics in Canadian colleges or universities is easy and within approach with our consultancies.

However, rules varied within college norms, course type and course duration. Entire Immigration ensures for right ways and guidance to have a study permit process making overseas academics possible for all students.