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The day you enter Canada can claim refugee protection and a visa if you have experienced past persecution or any danger/fear based on race, religion, nationality, etc.
Individuals looking for protection or convention refugee can claim it once they enter Canada. It is taken under the Convention Refugee Abroad Class.
Refugees can work in Canada according to their eligibility, skills, and work experience.

Entire Immigration - Refugee

With years of experience, Entire Immigration has helped many clients get the best migration and visa processing guidance. We are one of the best overseas immigration consultants to support you with refugee visas, refugee claim appeals, etc., under the criteria designed by the Government of Canada. Our team is skilled in assisting you with professional guidance for PR assistance, immigration, and visa needs, making the required process simple.

Entire immigration promise to give a reliable solution for migration, permanent residents support, etc., allowing for seamless ways. You can talk to our expert immigration consultants to catch the best solutions you want for abroad PR and visa applications.

We at entire immigration ensures aspirants looking for permanent residents, visas for business, skilled labour, and student visa are the best ways. We offer migration and visa services for top countries like Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Entire immigration allows coordination to help you with the right reach on the visa application process and immigration help. We promise to give clients professional immigration and refugee visa applications help with best practices and knowledge. Our visa and migration experts assure to keep clients’ preferences and confidentiality on priority.

Have a word with us for one-on-one transparent communication regarding your immigration and visa requirements. We are pioneering to help you with foreign nationals in Canada as their permanent resident status and eligibility for Canadian citizenship. We offer services for refugees to get permitted in Canada as permanent residents under the norms designed by the Refugee Protection Division and Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Why and How To Apply For Refugee Visa?

Your need as foreign nationals seeking frequent shelter in Canada can apply for a refugee visa. It is specially designed for people who cannot get security in their own country and are persecuted or in grave danger. Refugees can also apply for permanent resident status and citizenship in Canada under specific criteria.

It will be eventually decided by the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) made by the Government of Canada. Refugees involved in any crime or security concerns can apply for it, but Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will decide. The type of refugee visa applications that can be taken in Canada are as follows;

1. Person in need of protection.

2. Convention refugee.

3. Country of asylum class.

Entire immigration helps you with the best guidance for your refugee visa and immigration to Canada. We promise to give a reliable solution for refugee visa processing in the province to the laws made by the Canadian government for refugee criteria.